In this project I explored the possibility of combining new materials with traditional forms to explore issues of future materials, waste, and product design. Using a dystopic African future with very few natural resources as my setting, I created a Afro-Arab Sahelian Desert style ottoman from rubber tire inner tubes. I explored the possibility of rubber tire inner tubes as a conceptual leather-alternative, testing its sewability and other construction potential. For my aesthetic framework I focused on the visual culture of the Sahelian desert region, pulling from patterns in the natural elements of the region.The project concluded with various provocations on the relationship between new materials and traditional forms. Some questions I have identified for future exploration concern the relationship between future materials and traditional ornamentation design forms. The difficulties that arose in the construction of this project suggest that new translations of these forms might be necessary to accomodate the unruliness of materials like tire inner-tube. As a result of this project I have also begun exploring the possibilities of using manual forms of textile construction for furture materials along with
inner-tube’s self-healing nature;

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