Social Justice Communication Device Suite

Et Tu Brute is a communication device that seeks to offset the undue emotional labour of people from marginalized groups having to confront and/or educate people in their social environments who exhibit discriminatory or non-allied behaviors. Although racism, ableism, homophobia, and sexism are at the forefront of discussions in media, this has not alleviated the tensions that come from alking about these issues in everyday life. Framing the social challenge of conversation around these topics as an opportunity, I created a different means of communicating about these issues. 

Et Tu Brute allows individuals to anonymously leave a stamped message for a colleague which they can customize to specify the nature of that person’s infraction. The unassuming colleague is lead through the stamp’s QR code to a website that allows them to decode their message in a setting created to calm any inclinations towards defensiveness. At the heart of the project is the desire to address the emotional needs of those dealing with social microagressions, whilst also making it less emotionally taxing to switch from a “call out” culture (the practice in social justice circles of publically identifying unacceptable behaviours) to a culture of calling in. 

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